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100% non-banking
Facilitated "outside" of the banking system. No dependence on the functioning of stock exchanges or banks.

Global Gold is one of the recommended partners of Gold Silver Worlds. The company exists for more than 4 years and is worldwide a best-in-class bullion service that meets ALL criteria of a reliable bullion service provider.

Five reasons why Switzerland offers the highest level of safety for your precious metals holdings

1. Switzerland is the "precious metals capital" in the world. It has always been, and continues to be, the most gold friendly country worldwide.
2. Diversification across safe jurisdictions decreases your risk. Thereby you should avoid countries which have confiscated gold in the past.
3. Most of the gold produced in the world transits physically through Switzerland. Four of the world’s major refineries are located in Switzerland.
4. Property rights  has a long tradition in Switzerland. The country offers one of the highest personal and property safety in the world. Switzerland has an exceptional level of security, efficient logistic, and financial systems. These are highly important factors in the precious metals sector. (source:
5. Switzerland has always provided for a stable political and financial environment. The main reason is that Switzerland is the last remaining country with a strong federal structure limiting the power of central government and politicians; it is the last remaining direct democracy left on this planet. Its economic outlook is positive.

100% direct ownership
You own precious metals directly, with no counterparty risk. They are not exposed to any creditor obligations.

100% free of value-added tax
Free of any VAT that would ordinarily apply. Deliveries out of the Global Gold vaults will only be subject to a VAT if shipped to countries where a VAT regime exists.

100% insured and audited
Insured for the full value against fire, water, fraud, theft and burglary. The entire stock is audited at least annually.

100% promptly deliverable
Your coins and bars are deliverable promptly at any time, within Switzerland or internationally. No fabrication-related delays or costs at the time of delivery.

100% high-security storage
High-security vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong or Singapore. Recognized specialists run the state-of-the-art security infrastructures.

Global Gold is a trusted service & recommended by Gold Silver Worlds

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Five most important reasons for owning physical and allocated precious metals

1. We are in the midst of a global currency debasement. Currency devaluation is the number of one reason to own precious metals.

2. Governments apply highly inflationary policies. Typically, inflation does not occur immediately. It can hit hard unexpectedly.

3. Negative real rates are guaranteed by low interest rate policies in Western countries for at least the coming years.

4. Today's global monetary system is backed by nothing but promises (fiat money). History has shown NOT ONE fiat money system has survived.

5. Storage in physical form and outside of the banking system is mandatory given the inherent risks in the current economic and financial system.

For a better understanding of the benefits of owning gold & silver, download the report "Physical gold: antidote against the global debt crisis".

Claudio Grass, Managing Director at Global Gold Switzerland, wrote in an article on GoldSilverWorlds:

"Confiscation is already here. I am not talking about outright confiscation of assets, but the confiscation of the buying power by inflating the money supply. If you keep your money in a bank account or invest it in bonds, you are actually losing money in real terms (after inflation). The decrease of  your wealth basically results in an increase of the wealth of governments and banks, hence fulfilling the definition of confiscation.
I am personally convinced that our current paper money system will collapse in the coming years. This is not a loose hunch I have, but history has shown that paper money systems only last a few years or maybe a few decades at most. However, eventually they all collapse. The world went through more than 50 hyperinflations in the 20th century alone. If a new hyperinflation would occur, paper solutions will collapse! A lot of paper solutions hedge their risk using the CME; should this central clearing house default, then most paper solutions will not be worth the paper they are printed on."

Why own physical gold and silver?

Why gold and silver in Switzerland?

"Most of the fresh fiat-money has been used to bail-out the existing banking system. Even with these bailouts, the banking system is massively under-capitalized, so the huge amount of liquidity is not being lent out (to other banks, individuals or corporations). The liquidity is being horded and invested in “safe” assets. This is creating asset bubbles all over the world.

In my personal view, the next few years will be dominated especially in the western world by a declining real economy, higher unemployment rates, financial repression such as higher taxation, government restrictions when it comes to investment possibilities. Interest rates, which are kept artificially low, in combination with a moderate inflation rate, are leading to low or even negative real return on investments. That’s really destroying the existing wealth through the back-door, reducing the purchasing power of paper money / currencies."

Global Gold's offering

For private and institutional investors, Global Gold has a safe and convenient way of buying, selling, storing and/or delivering allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins and bars. Global Gold offers physical and fully allocated precious metals: your metals are stored in the coin or bar formats of your choice in Switzerland, the safest country in the world.

Global Gold's offering is NOT a “paper metal” solution; it is centered around direct and unencumbered ownership of physically allocated bars and coins. Your precious metals are stored safely in high-security vaults. You can choose whether you to keep your precious metals in Switzerland, Hong Kong, or Singapore. All instructions can be effectuated without your presence being required in Switzerland. 

Global Gold's vision
"The Gold bull market still has a long way to go. The current economic climate provides the ideal conditions for a continuing rise in the Gold price. The view of Global Gold is summarized as follows: savings and investment are the basis of a sound economy, not consumption and debt; values of currencies are declining and fiat money has no intrinsic value; today’s debt levels are unsustainable; physical Gold is the antidote against the ongoing global debt crisis."

An authentic Swiss solution: Global Gold

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"Hello, I am Claudio Grass, Managing Director of Global Gold in Switzerland. Please feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear your question(s) about precious metals, the state of our economy, the fate of our fiat money system or general concerns like confiscation."

Claudio Grass his vision

Claudio Grass, Managing Director at Global Gold Switzerland, wrote in an article on GoldSilverWorlds: